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Korman 0.04 Is Released

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The Guild of Writers has done it again!  They have released the latest version of Korman, the most up-to-date plugin for exporting Ages to any and all versions of URU.  While it took longer then they were intending, it also means there are quite a few additions with 0.04, which include:

  • Added the ability to export Blender Area lamps
  • Added the ability to export projection lamps
  • Added the ability to reset a modifier to its default state
  • Added the ability to specify layers to render on the Lightmap modifier
  • Added the ability to specify soft volumes on runtime lamps
  • Added the Opacitiy Fader modifier
  • Added the Sound Emitter modifier
  • Added the Sound Message logic node
  • Changed modifier deletion to ensure that dependent modifiers are deleted as well
  • Changed stencil textures to no longer be always clamped
  • Corrected the material exporter to export textures right side up and not flip UV coordinates
  • Fixed a bug in which colliders were not animated properly
  • Fixed a bug in which the reported export time would be insanely high (and therefore obviously wrong)
  • Fixed a bug in which exporting would fail in certain setups with animated layers being controlled by logic nodes
  • Fixed a bug in which lamps with textures attached would cause the export to fail
  • Fixed a bug in which OneShot Responders could be reenabled too early
  • Fixed a bug in which some PythonFileMod boolean attributes would cause Korman to explode
  • Fixed a bug in which textures attached to lamps would not display the Plasma Layer Options UI properly
  • Fixed an oversight in which shadows would be baked for invisible meshes, such as regions
  • Optimized static light generation

Note that for this version of Korman, you will need Blender 2.77a instead of 2.74.  For your convenience, we have links to the MSI and ZIP installations of the 32 bit version needed.

Once that's done, you can download 0.04 of Korman and install it.  After that, you can utilize some of the handy tutorials written to get you familiar with Korman.

Congratulations to the GoW for another fine release!

Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

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